Network Cabling

Commercial Network Cabling

It’s important for a network system of any organization or business to be of the highest quality as it influences day-to-day activities. Our network cabling services are installed with the greatest care, whether its fiber optic cable, Ethernet cabling or a structured wiring system, we deliver a solution that is specifically designed for your location.

VGM will plan, design, install, and test your wired or wireless network infrastructure. After installation, our team can also maintain, troubleshoot, and upgrade your system, as required.

Ethernet cabling comes in several different types; Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6a, and the latest Cat 7. Each offers data outputs ranging from 100 Mbps up to 10 Gbps.

VGM Automation is experienced with designing and implementing networks for businesses of all sizes.  From start-ups to multi-site operations, we can craft the perfect cabling layout for your operation.


Residential Network Cabling

Hardwire connections can increase online productivity, gaming speed and video call quality at your place of residence. Our team is trained to hide cables inside walls and provide a flush plate for you to connect to your device. All of our cables are certified to 1GB/s or 10GB/s so you can trust the project is done properly.

Network cables in the home are becoming more popular than ever. The devices and areas we need direct connections for, are increasing every day.

-Home Office

-Students Desk

-Gaming Console

-Wireless Access Points

-Smart TV’s

-Home Phones

Commercial Network Cabling Edmonton

Residential Network Cabling Edmonton