Home Theatre

How incredible would you like your home theatre system to be? With a custom home theatre integration system from VGM, you can have the best home theatre around!

We will custom design each home theatre to match our clients’ lifestyle. Many home theatre enthusiasts are seeking the ultra-clearultra-clear high definition video matched with exceptional audio. Our vendor partners enable us to combine products from the best brands to achieve the ultimate solution for your entertainment desires.

Many home theatres feature built-in speakers for a discrete arrangement so the focus turns to the video. In-wall and in-ceiling theatre speakers feature technologies developed to balance audio performance with room aesthetic design.

Projectors and screens are the gems of home theatre systems. Projection screens properly reflect the light of a projector without losing any fine image quality or detail. Projectors display the precision and beauty of BluRay movies and high definition video games.

VGM has the experience, dedication, and product lines to position us as the best theatre resource in the Edmonton and surrounding area. Contact Us today to get started on your dream theatre!

Home Theatre