Business Automation

VGM knows exactly what it takes to ensure the efficient management of your office or building’s environment. Automation plays a key role in all buildings, whether it's office buildings, schools, hospitals, shopping centres, conference halls, hotels or residential complexes. Building automation is crucial to achieving the right balance between all of its technical functionalities and for a high level of comfort, and naturally to maintain the lowest possible energy and maintenance costs. We’ll provide you with all of the options that you need to fully integrate climate, energy, lighting and security systems.

Lighting is probably the most popular control category and it’s a great way to get involved with business automation. Control light fixtures from anywhere in the office or via the internet from your mobile device.

Security and access controls also are beneficial components of business automation. Have your business call you if there is an alert status or have the ability to unlock the office door to let employees in, if you’re not available. Remote view access through security cameras and mobile devices allow business owners and managers keep an eye on assets while away.

VGM makes it is easy to retrofit an existing business for complete office hardware functionality. If you’re building new, or doing a major renovation, please consider the implementation of smart wiring as it’s inexpensive and you’ll have the flexibility of expanding with ease.

Commercial Automation