Commercial Video Walls

VGM now offers video wall systems in various configurations. These massive digital displays with multiple flat panels are ideal for promoting the latest products and services at trade shows, shopping malls, airports, train stations and so much more. Video wall systems cover large areas with a dynamic view, maximizing visibility at strategic locations. This digital signage is capable of featuring text and graphics with unmatched quality with multiple high-definition TVs. Video wall systems are versatile and designed to benefit businesses with their large size and stunning resolution.

We also offer pre-packaged video walls - everything you need in one place. No more missing parts or hardware — we bundle the monitors, brackets, cables, and media systems in one convenient package. VGM Automation uses full HD video walls that come in LED and LCD configurations. Regardless of the TV size you choose, each package has multiple screens with ultra-low bezel widths and brackets that create the perfect display. Pre-packaged video walls are a great option for any business that wants to uniquely showcase their products and/or services.

Where are these digital walls best utilized?

Food service industry requires huge menus that are easy to read. Food courts, bars, restaurants, cafeterias use large digital signage to inform customers about new products, promotions, limited-offers, and pricing.

Corporate offices also benefit from commercial video wall systems, using them for meetings in board rooms or to run through presentations that involve a lot of data. They're also used in lobbies to greet people to their company.

The education sector also uses video systems to teach and to collaborate with students at schools, colleges and universities.

Trade show booths feature massive displays to create an long-lasting impression of what your business has to offer.

Transportation areas like train stations and airports tend to use these large displays to manage their day to day operations.

Entertainment venues like bars show upcoming band performances and main events with amazing visual effects.

Multi-screen video systems are used in many industries. VGM Automation offers solutions that best fit your business needs. From pre-packaged video walls to customized solutions, we build any type of wall configuration for a personalized and mesmerizing experience. Our systems have minimal space between screens to provide a seamless viewing experience. Contact us today for a quote.

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