Central Vacuums

VGM is committed to helping you achieve complete home convenience.  A central vacuum system allows you to quickly and easily clean your home. 

If you're building a new home, VGM recommends that a central vacuum system is implemented in the building phase. Installation is typically done after the plumbing and electrical work is complete and before the drywall goes up.

Most existing homes, regardless of age, can be retrofitted with a central vacuum system. The key to success is planning a pipe system with a minimum number of inlets and elbows to keep labour time and costs to a minimum and still maintaining vacuum cleaning flexibility.

VGM also offers the revolutionary hide-a-hose system.  With hide-a-hose we install a retractable hose right into the valves, so when you want to clean, you simply open the valve, grab the hose and do your vacuuming.  Once cleaning is complete, the suction of the vacuum retracts the hose right back into the wall and is ready next time.  VGM can install longer hoses to cover larger areas from each valve – Up to 2300 square feet.

Central Vacuum Systems